what we do



Education for a generation.

Earthlings is dedicated to nurturing chlidren's natural desire to learn about their environment.

This is achieved by growing their knowledge and developing skills that will enable them to flourish as thay adapt to their future.

Our team have had extensive experience in bringing environmental education to pre and primary school aged children. Our services range from delivering presentations to groups of children covering topics of waste, landfill and reduce-reuse-recycle concepts to establishing effective waste management systems in schools including worm farming and composting where required.

Earthlings has a holistic approach to all they do, working together with staff, students and Local Councils to ensure a sustainable, long term, positive outcome for all involved.

We also provide opportunities for older children to develop essential skills and be involved in discussions about topics affecting their everyday, encouraging them to be proactive about changes they would like to see in their world.

Our team is passionate about encouraging children to think about their environment, be curious about their surrounds, revel in getting grubby and be empowered to nurture their future.